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Breast screening and breast surgery

The St Andrew’s Breast Care Service offers women and men a prompt, professional and personalised service, with our Breast Care Nurse here to guide you every step of the way. We’re equipped with the latest in breast mammography technology and have highly specialised radiologists, expert surgeons and caring breast care nurses available for screening, diagnosis, treatment and support.

And it’s all conveniently located in Spring Hill at St Andrew’s War Memorial Hospital, on the doorstep of Brisbane’s CBD.

What to expect at your breast check

With a central, convenient location, we make things quick and easy for you. There’s no need to wait around all day – just book a time that works in with your schedule, have your check-up done, and be on your way. This routine breast assessment involves mammography for all women and clinical examination for some.

Who will I see?

Our Breast Care Nurse will welcome you and explain the procedure. You will be asked to complete a consent form for imaging and personal history. From there, our breast care nurse will take you to the radiologist for your mammogram, or ultrasound if required.

Remember to bring any previous mammograms or ultrasounds and do not wear cream or talcum powder on your breast area. Please also avoid perfume. You might like to wear a two-piece outfit.

When will I receive my results?

Results are processed efficiently and returned to you as soon as possible. If an abnormality is detected, the radiologist will explain the findings and our breast care nurse will support you in making arrangements for any further appointments required.

Why have a mammogram?

Having a regular mammogram – an X-ray picture of your breast – gives you and your loved ones peace of mind, helping identify any potential issues early so you can access the best treatment options fast.

One in eight women will develop breast cancer during her lifetime, and 60 per cent of women will experience benign breast changes. A breast screen is one of the most effective ways to detect early signs of breast cancer.

It is recommended women from the age of 40 have a mammogram every two years, or as recommended by their doctor.

In the meantime, it’s good to conduct a self-examination once a month to check for any changes in your breasts. In this video, Natasha, our former Nurse Practitioner in Breast Care (Oncology), explains what it means to be breast aware.

Screening and diagnostic services

St Andrew’s Breast Care Service uses the latest in mammography technology, including the advanced Hologic Mammography Unit with 3D Tomosynthesis. The unit provides the fastest, highest-resolution 3D images possible for radiologists, enhanced workflow for technologists, and a more comfortable mammography experience for patients. This technology allows us to clearly reveal subtle lesions and fine calcifications to help pinpoint breast cancers early.

Our comprehensive mammography screening and diagnostics services include:

  • Screening mammography with 3D Tomosynthesis.
  • Diagnostic mammography with 3D Tomosynthesis.
  • Stereotactic and Tomosynthesis guided biopsy (including Vacuum Assisted Core Biopsy).
  • Breast ultrasound.
  • Ultrasound guided breast fine needle aspiration and core biopsy.
  • Pre-operative Tomosynthesis or ultrasound guided hookwire localisation.
  • 3D breast MRI with computer aided diagnosis.

The team of specialist radiologists includes Dr Darren Ault, Dr Nick Kienzle, Dr Barbara Laing, Dr Patty Connor and Dr Nick Brown.

Meet our Breast Care Service team

St Andrew’s breast surgeons are recognised for their expertise and considerable reputations in breast cancer treatment and management. And our dedicated specialist breast care nurses provide individually tailored nursing care, support and information to women and men with breast cancer, their family and those who care for them.

Dr Beth Campbell
Breast and Endocrine Surgeon
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Dr Ben Green
Breast and Endocrine Surgeon
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Catherine Gillam
Breast Care Nurse
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Sophie Peckham
Breast Care Nurse
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Your guide to breast surgery

Whether you are having breast conserving surgery or a mastectomy as part of your breast cancer treatment plan, you are likely to require a short stay in hospital (usually one to three days). Our breast care nurses will help co-ordinate your care, be there to guide you on the day of surgery and will usually visit daily and provide a range of information and resources.

For information about your hospital stay and what you should expect on the day of your admission, post surgery and after you go home, you can download 'Your guide to breast surgery at St Andrew’s'.

Book your mammogram today

For more information or to make an appointment for a mammogram please contact:

St Andrew’s Breast Care Service

T: (07) 3905 1903 or alternatively (07) 3834 4488 

F: (07) 3834 4291 


General Practitioners are welcome to contact our Breast Care Nurse for further information on 0428 197 923. 

Mammography is available Wednesdays and Thursdays (9am - 2pm). Patients require a referral from their GP.

Download the Breast Care Service referral form today.