Sophie Peckham

Breast Care Nurse Sophie Peckham provides individualised support, information and co-ordinated care to patients and their families at St Andrew’s Breast Care Service.

Sophie Peckham
Breast Care Nurse

Sophie’s nursing career began in 2000 after she graduated from the University of Southern Queensland and started her graduate year at Longreach Hospital. Two years later, she travelled to London to work as a liver transplant nurse before coming home to work in St Andrew’s War Memorial Hospital’s surgical ward in 2009.

While in the surgical ward, she found herself increasingly passionate about breast care, as many of her patients were receiving treatment from this team. Providing individualised support, information and co-ordinated care to both the patients and their families became her priority and she was offered a role in the Breast Care Service.

Sophie finds her patients inspiring – they all face their personal challenges every day, and she feels privileged to be part of the team that supports and provides care to ensure the best possible outcomes. She says the team helps patients who come to St Andrew’s from rural areas to overcome the isolation of being away from their families, and connects them with local supports so they can continue their treatment close to family and friends.