Doctor Details

Dr Ben Green  MBBS FRACS


SPECIALTY AREA Breast and Endocrine Surgery
General Surgery
ADDRESS Suite 6.3
St Andrew's War Memorial Hospital
457 Wickham Terrace 
Spring Hill 4000
FAX 07 3236 9485

Located on St Andrews War Memorial Hospital Campus

Dr Ben Green completed his medical training at the University of Tasmania in Hobart and completed his advanced surgical training here in Queensland. Dr Green’s surgical fellowship included training at the Mater Hospital in 2011 at the Royal Brisbane & Women’s Hospital in 2012 where he specialized in breast and endocrine surgery.

Dr Green continued on as a staff specialist in breast and endocrine surgery at Royal Brisbane & Women’s Hospital and has a range of experiences in thyroid surgery, minimally invasive parathyroid surgery, laparoscopic adrenal surgery and breast cancer, focusing specifically upon breast conservation.

Dr Green‘s current research interest involves breast cancer genetics and recurrence detection methods. He is currently undertaking a PhD with the aim of the potential discovery of Peripheral Blood Biomarkers to monitor breast cancer treatment and early detection of recurrence. This is a 5-year prospective study being conducted at the University of Queensland Centre for Clinical Research (UQCCR) and the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital Breast Unit.

Dr Green is a Breast Cancer sub-committee member as well as a member of the Queensland Cancer Control Analysis Team and his main consulting room is at St Andrew’s War Memorial Hospital, Brisbane.