Medical Advisory Committee

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Our Medical Advisory Committee's work is fundamental to the provision of safe, high quality health care services at St Andrew's War Memorial Hospital.

As part of UnitingCare and St Andrew’s War Memorial Hospital’s Clinical Governance Framework, doctors across all major specialty groups formally meet on a quarterly basis to review the clinical outcomes of the hospital.
This committee critically analyses clinical results, benchmarks against other health care organisations, reviews clinical practice and advises the hospital with respect to improving patient outcomes.
The Director of Nursing is also included in this committee membership to ensure that an interdisciplinary clinical approach to review is undertaken. The hospital’s Director of Medical Services and General Manager also attend each meeting.  

Membership of St Andrew's War Memorial Hospital’s Medical Advisory Committee includes:

Dr Caron Forde – Chairperson, Director of Gynaecology
Dr Bruce Garlick – Director of Cardiac Surgery
Dr John Keys – Director of Anaesthetics
A/Prof Patrick Weinrauch - Director of Orthopaedic Surgery
Prof John Fraser – Director of Intensive Care
Dr Andrew Lomas – Director of ENT
Dr Keith Towsey – Director of  General Surgery
Dr Hoa Lu – Director of Rehabilitation Medicine
Dr Kim Hansen – Director of Emergency Medicine
Dr Terry Coyne – Director of Neurosurgery
Dr Alex Incani – Director of Cardiology
Dr Andrew Cartmill – Director of Vascular Surgery
Dr Peter Campbell – Director of Urology & Surgical Sub-Specialties
Prof Keshwar Baboolal – Director of Medical Sub-Specialties
Dr Sunny Lee - Director of Gastroenterology
Dr Hugh Wright - Director of Infectious Diseases 
Dr Nick Kienzle - Director of Radiology
Dr Michael Gillman – Director of Medical Services
Ms Deborah Turton – Director of Clinical Services
Ms Mairi McNeill – General Manager

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