Hospital in the Home

A BlueCare nurse checks the blood pressure of a patient as they sit on his verandah overlooking leafy gardens.

What is Hospital in the Home?

Receive the professional and personalised healthcare for which St Andrew’s War Memorial Hospital is known in the comfort and privacy of your own home instead of in hospital. Hospital in the Home is a service delivered in partnership with BlueCare, a trusted community and home care provider that is also part of the UnitingCare family.

Hospital in the Home allows eligible patients to receive their hospital treatment at home. Your personalised treatment plan is developed by St Andrew’s highly qualified doctors, nurses and allied health staff and will then be administered by the friendly and professional BlueCare nurses in your home, allowing you to recover in the comfort of your own place.

Hospital in the Home eligibility is determined by the hospital team. Check your eligibility here.

How does Hospital in the Home work?

First, your St Andrew’s medical team determines whether or not you are eligible to safely receive treatment at home. If so, the Hospital in the Home team liaises with your medical team to develop a treatment and recovery plan that meets your individual needs.

Next, arrangements are made for you to transfer home to continue your treatment, which will be delivered in line with your medical plan. As you receive treatment, your progress is monitored carefully by your designated in-home nurse and hospital team and in accordance with your treatment plan.

What are the benefits of Hospital in the Home?

Hospital in the Home provides hospital-quality care within the comfort and privacy of your own home. This greatly decreases the disruption of clinical treatment on your life. Receiving the treatment that you need at home means you can get back to doing what matters to you most.

Do I need to have someone stay at home with me?

This is part of your medical team’s assessment of whether or not Hospital in the Home is right for you. Generally speaking, this will not be required. As long as you are able to communicate with the Hospital in the Home team and seek assistance if required, you should not need someone to stay at home with you.

How often will the Hospital in the Home service visit?

You will receive in-home visits from our friendly and professional BlueCare nurses. The frequency will depend on your condition and treatment plan and will be discussed with you before you transfer home from hospital. Your progress is monitored carefully and in accordance with your medical treatment plan. Additionally, 24-hour, on-call support is available. You will receive information about how to contact this service.

Am I eligible for Hospital in the Home?

Access to Hospital in the Home is based on your healthcare needs. It also depends on your health fund eligibility. The program is suitable for a range of health conditions. This can include skin conditions, respiratory conditions, complex wound management or other infections.

Talk to your doctor to find out if Hospital in the Home is right for you. Or contact your local Hospital in the Home team on 0417 215 959.

Who pays for Hospital in the Home and how much does it cost?

We will work with your health fund to determine your eligibility and approval. In most cases, the cost is equivalent to in-hospital treatment and it is covered by your private health fund. If you are not eligible under your health fund, you may elect to pay fee-for-service.

How do I get started?

For more information about Hospital in the Home, or to determine if it’s right for your recovery, speak to your doctor. Alternatively, contact your local Hospital in the Home team on 0417 215 959.