Inpatient Rehabilitation

St Andrew’s offers an inpatient rehabilitation service for those recovering from injury, illness or surgery. Our goal is to assist each patient to reach their highest potential level of independence.
Benefits of Intensive Inpatient Rehabilitation:
  • faster recovery time
  • minimised pain and suffering
  • minimised level of injury impairment
  • reduced hospital re-admission rates
  • quicker, safer and more coordinated return home
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Day Rehabilitation

St Andrew’s day rehabilitation program is designed to allow people to attend therapy sessions while living at home. The aim of the program is for patients to re-gain their optimum level of independence.

The program is suitable for people who are unable to perform normal daily activities due to stroke, traumatic brain injury, other neurological conditions, orthopaedic injuries and conditions, falls history, amputation and other debilitating conditions.

The day rehabilitation team consists of five medical consultants:

  • Dr Wilbur Chan - Rehabilitation and Pain Medicine Specialist
  • Dr Hoa Lu - Geriatrician
  • Dr Susan Graham - Rehabilitation Specialist
  • Dr Fiona Harris - Geriatrician
  • Dr Polly Tsai - Rehabilitation Specialist

Also there is a a physiotherapist, occupational therapist, speech pathologist with access to nursing, a dietician, podiatrist and case manager.

Our day rehabilitation programs include:

  • Parkinson’s disease program
  • Stroke program
  • Back in balance – falls prevention
  • Reconditioning and Orthopaedic Programs
  • Persistent Pain Program

For patients from the community to be involved in the day rehabilitation program, they must be referred to Dr Wilbur Chan, Dr Susan Graham or Dr Fiona Harris.

For more information about the day rehabilitation programs, please contact our Prevention and Rehabilitation Centre, on (07) 3834 4285 or email


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