Pixie Annat biography

Pixie on the cover of her biographyPIXIE ANNAT:

by Colleen Ryan Clur
published by Compass Communications Group

This is the wonderful story of a Queensland woman who fought for recognition of nurses throughout her long and distinguished nursing and hospital career, and later campaigned on behalf of the elderly and homeless women. This is the second edition of her inspirational biography, which was updated in 2023 by author Colleen Ryan Clur after Pixie passed away on 24 September, 2022. The updated book rounds out Pixie's story of courage and compassion and recounts how she stayed true to her commitment to others until the very end of a remarkable life.

A gifted storyteller, Isobel Mary (Pixie) Annat grew up in rural Queensland and trained to be a nurse shortly after World War II. Working first at the Royal Brisbane Hospital, she went on to forge an extraordinary career as matron, then CEO, of St Andrew’s War Memorial Hospital in Brisbane. In her later years, Pixie contributed significantly to many charitable causes as a volunteer and Board member, and she was named a Queensland Great in 2021.

Pixie Annat: Champion of Nurses draws on anecdotes from Pixie’s personal journey and documents the important contributions made by medical colleagues during her more than 50-year career working in healthcare. It also recounts her years as a leader of the Royal Australian Nursing Federation.

Service has been the golden thread of Pixie’s life, connecting her many roles which include matron and CEO of St Andrew’s War Memorial Hospital, nursing leader and a brilliant fundraiser and campaigner for a host of causes.


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