by User Not Found | Apr 18, 2016


Helen had discussions with some of the national leaders of the United Church of the Solomon Islands, who were warm in their gratitude for the ongoing UCH support for the hospital and college of nursing.

In the afternoon, Wendy and Helen met with some of next year's students who are looking for sponsorship. They were all women, aged between 19 and 47 very keen to help their local communities. Great candidates for a nursing career.

Lots of rain this week which has kept the temperature down - phew!


Canoe at sunsetShame about the sea lice, and the water was a bit murky.



I had fun playing football (soccer) with the children yesterday


Emily and Marilyn The whole day was amazing. The first flight was like an episode from "Come Fly with Me". Our second flight, when we and our huge pile of luggage were bundled into a tiny Twin Otter and flew low over the islands, was fantastic.
The weather is pretty hot and humid. I stood under the fans in the wards. The kids are so happy and carefree, without any electronics; they just enjoy being out with their friends and family
The nurses don't moan. They're very willing and very accepting and the way they work reminds me of my training, back in the 70's and 80's.