Persistent Pain

Persistent pain can be defined as pain lasting for more than three (3) months. There may be many different reasons for your pain. You may have a condition in which all further definitive medical or surgical management has been ruled out. You may also not know what is causing your pain and all life threatening or serious conditions have been excluded.

Persistent pain is very different to acute pain. It becomes all consuming. Persistent pain is difficult to understand for yourself, those around you and often your doctors. It begins to affect your ability to work and physical function, your relationships with others and social life, along with your self esteem. Even doing simple day-to-day tasks can become difficult. It is very common to have coexistent symptoms of depression and anxiety. Overlying this are past experiences and interpretation of your pain.

Persistent pain is therefore a complex and personal experience, requiring individualised and multidisciplinary management by specialists and allied health staff experienced in pain management. We work with you and your GP or referring specialist to improve your understanding of your pain and quality of life.

You will learn to set appropriate goals, learn how to relax effectively and develop mindfulness skills. You will learn and practice strategies to manage unhelpful thoughts and emotions and develop a deeper understanding of pain and your nervous system. You will also have plenty of time to practise these skills under the teams guidance, so you will be able to continue to use these techniques to manage your pain on an ongoing basis. 


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To Get Started

Your referral can be provided by your GP or specialist. If you have been recently discharged from hospital, your treating doctor can provide a referral. The referral can be made out to StAMPS or one of our individual pain specialists.


We have agreements with all private health funds and have tier one provider status with Department of Veterans' Affairs. You will need to confirm your rebate entitlements with your health fund before you start.


Level 4, St Andrew’s War Memorial Hospital
457 Wickham Tce Spring Hill Q 4001


Parking is provided underneath the hospital, via North Street. The cost of parking for StAMPS patients is $10 per visit. 

Public Transport

The Spring Hill Loop is a free Brisbane City Council bus service sponsored by the hospital that runs to and from the Brisbane CBD.