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Dr Susan Graham  FAFRM (RACP)

Dr Susan Graham FAFRM (RACP)

SPECIALTY AREA Rehabilitation Medicine
FAX 07 3834 4291

Located on St Andrews War Memorial Hospital Campus

Dr Susan Graham specialises in Rehabilitation Medicine with special interests in neuro-rehabilitation and reconditioning.

She completed her basic medical training in England, specialist training in NSW and research PhD through the University of Sydney.  She has worked as a rehabilitation physician in Sydney and Brisbane since 2003, and as a VMP at St Andrew’s since 2011.  She is a UQ honorary senior lecturer, sits on the UCH Scientific sub-Committee, carried out post-doc research through UQ and has taught medical students and rehabilitation registrars.

Her key area of interest involves assisting individuals who manage significant community, childcare, paid and voluntary work roles alongside health condition related impairments.  She works ​with the allied health team who provides physical and functional therapy; cognitive, speech and swallow assessment, clinical psychology support and diet advice.  The medical support she provides includes case conferencing, review of bladder and bowel management, sleep function and fatigue management, medication and diagnostic assessments, pre and post-op reconditioning, lifestyle and future planning advice.  She primarily sees patients for Day Rehabilitation, and arranges inpatient rehabilitation when required.