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Prof Keshwar Baboolal  MBBS MD FRACP FRCP LLM eMBA

Prof Keshwar Baboolal MBBS MD FRACP FRCP LLM eMBA

SPECIALTY AREA General Medicine
ADDRESS St Andrew’s Sessional Suites 6.5
457 Wickham Terrace
Spring Hill QLD 4000

Located on St Andrews War Memorial Hospital Campus

Professor Keshwar Baboolal is registered with both the Australian Medical Board and General Medical Council UK as a Specialist in Nephrology and General Medicine.  He was awarded FRACP and FRCP from the Royal College of Physicians in both the Australia and the UK.

Professor Baboolal graduated from St Thomas’s Hospital, University of London. He undertook post-graduate training at the Nuffield Department of Medicine in Oxford and Guys and St Thomas’ Hospital, London. He was awarded a Juvenile Diabetes International Research Fellow at Stanford University, where he undertook a clinical and research fellowship in Nephrology from 1990-95. He completed his doctorate degree, Doctor of Medicine (MD) and was subsequently appointed as a consultant in nephrology, renal transplantation and general medicine in 1997 at the University Hospital of Wales UK, where he worked until 2012. 

In 2003, Professor Baboolal successfully completed an LLM in Legal Aspects of Medical Practice from Cardiff University Law School. His dissertation entitled “My body as my property” explored whether property rights exist in the body and whether the development of property rights would provide a legal framework to design legislation that regulates organ donation and transplantation.

In 2006, he completed an eMBA program at INSEAD Paris which, together with the European Health Leadership Program at INSEAD, has provided him with the business knowledge and leadership skills required for senior leadership in healthcare services. 

In 2012 he moved with his family to Australia. In the same year Professor Baboolal was awarded an Academic Title of Professor of Medicine from the University of Queensland and has been practicing as a Senior Staff Specialist in Nephrology and General Medicine at Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital. Since 2014 he has also been working as a Visiting Medical Officer at St Andrew’s War Memorial Hospital, Brisbane.

As a consultant nephrologist, Professor Baboolal has extensive experience in the management of patients with kidney disease, kidney failure and all types of dialysis. He has a subspecialist interest in kidney transplantation and kidney pancreas transplantation. He has been a member of a number of UK Transplant Committees and Advisory Groups. 

As a general physician, he has extensive experience in the acute care of patients admitted to busy metropolitan academic teaching hospitals with large emergency departments. These responsibilities include the acute assessment, admission, in-patient and outpatient care of patients with acute medical problems including heart failure, strokes, diabetic crises etc.

Throughout his clinical career, Professor Baboolal has maintained a number of interests related to his specialist clinical experience, including:

An active research program in areas related to nephrology, transplantation and health economics. He has published extensively in leading international peer reviewed journals. He has also received peer-reviewed grants, lectured at national and international meetings and has been on editorial boards of international medical journals.

Medico-Legal Interests
Professor Baboolal has helped develop clinical, ethical and regulatory guidelines for many aspects of transplantation in the UK on behalf of the UK Government, UK Department of Health, UK Royal Colleges and Professional Bodies including the British Transplant Society.

Medical Leadership

Professor Baboolal has undertaken a number of medical leadership roles in the UK and Australia. Using the business knowledge and leadership skills together with his clinical knowledge and experience, Professor Baboolal has taken forward a number of initiatives that have redefined and improved clinical services to deliver efficient, high quality services that meet the needs of patients and their families.