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Dr Hugh Wright  LLB, MBBS, FRACP

Dr Hugh Wright LLB, MBBS, FRACP

SPECIALTY AREA Infectious Disease Medicine
ADDRESS St Andrew’s Sessional Suites 6.5
457 Wickham Terrace
Spring Hill QLD 4000

Located on St Andrews War Memorial Hospital Campus

Dr Hugh Wright is an Infectious Diseases Physician now practicing at St Andrew’s War Memorial Hospital.  He has a special interest in the treatment of multi-resistant infections, the prevention and management of infections in the perioperative period, mycobacterial disease and zoonotic infections.  

He undertook his undergraduate training at the University of Queensland, receiving an MBBS in 2004.  He completed his fellowship in infectious diseases at the Royal Brisbane & Women’s Hospital and the Prince Charles Hospital prior to completing post fellowship training in general medicine.    

As well as practicing at St Andrew’s, he also works as a staff specialist at the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital and as a lecturer at the University of Queensland. Hugh has a keen interest in further medical research and is currently undertaking a PhD examining new treatment options for severe infections caused by multi-resistant bacteria.