Help us continue to provide the very best cardiac care and treatment.

Cardiac surgery and recovery is never easy – and even harder when you have to go through it without the people you love.

St Andrew’s, goes above-and-beyond to support patients in their time of need. But the COVID crisis has challenged our frontline teams and resources like never before.

Your donation today can help:

  • fund new technology for cardiac patients.
  • support education for cardiac nurses.
  • fund the use of high-cost cardiac devices so St Andrew’s can care for more Queenslanders.

Most importantly, your kind gift will help someone who will need to have open heart surgery next year. They might be someone in your community - a loved one, friend or a neighbour. It will help them to receive the compassionate care you would want.

This Christmas, please donate to help us continue our tradition of providing the best compassionate care to people who need it.