Volunteer Simon is invested in being of service

Volunteer greeter Simon Spencer wears one of his trademark colourful vests and holds a balloon clownfish at St Andrew’s War Memorial Hospital.

St Andrew’s War Memorial Hospital volunteer Simon Spencer served in the Australian Army for 23 years and later worked delivering safety programs to schools – learning first-hand how community services can positively impact the lives of everyone involved.

After receiving treatment at St Andrew’s, Simon decided to volunteer his time and energy, giving back two days a week at the hospital starting in 2019. He believes volunteering with St Andrew’s has created a balance in his life, giving him a new perspective on how to be of service to people, following his years in the Army.

“The social interaction opportunities and the rewards of helping people and making their lives a little easier are endless,” Simon says.

Simon shines when he greets the visitors and employees with his fashionable vests. These outfits are certainly a talking point around the hospital. Simon also 3-D prints fidget cubes for younger or nervous patients waiting to be admitted. And he plays a key role in training and welcoming new volunteers to the team.

Volunteer at St Andrew’s and change lives, yours included

“Volunteering always has a positive impact in the lives of those involved,” Simon says. “Clients, staff, and all volunteers themselves will benefit in many ways. It will improve communication skills and facilitate social interaction. Chatting with other volunteers, staff members and customers will boost people’s social life and prevent isolation and loneliness. You will not be invisible to society because you will have a community to support you, and you will develop a sense of purpose.”

Simon is planning to volunteer for many years to come. He believes volunteering helps you feel connected to the hospital’s mission and values and helps to improve wellbeing.

If you would like to volunteer at St Andrew’s War Memorial Hospital, and change lives, yours included, visit our Volunteer page. St Andrew’s is proudly part of the UnitingCare family – read more volunteer stories in UnitingCare’s Volunteer Impact Report.