Track a surgery's progress


Track your relative/friend's progress in our operating theatres today

For your convenience, we have monitors which assist you to track your relative's or friend's progress in our operating theatres. These monitors are located at Little Birdee Café, the Cardiac Catheter Lab's waiting area on the fourth floor and the Endoscopy waiting area.

This information will be regularly updated so you are informed of their progress right through from admission to leaving the recovery unit. It will also display the ward or day surgery where your relative will eventually go.

Checked into Facility

Patient arrives at admissions front desk

Ward In

Patient admitted to ward

Preop In

Patient moves to Pre-op area


Patient moves to procedural / operating room


Patient moves into recovery unit

Stage 2 In

Patient moves into recovery unit in day surgery

Ready for Discharge

Patient ready for pickup by family


Patient discharged from hospital

Transferred to Ward

Patient transferred to the ward post procedure

To maintain privacy, only your relative's or friend's case number will be displayed on the screen – this will change colour as their procedure progresses.

Patients will only remain on the tracking board for up to 30 minutes after they have arrived in the ward/day surgery.

​If your loved one's location ​is not on the tracking board, please enquire at our main reception. Our reception staff are always available to answer any questions you may have.