Our patients' experience

UnitingCare Health Hospitals use a wide range of activities to collect information on how well we are doing. Our ultimate aim is to make our systems safer and provide our patients and their families with a better experience. Our patients’ experiences are monitored and measured through the annual Press Ganey survey, Patient Experience Trackers (PETs), focus groups, consumer engagement processes and through regular rounding with patients and staff. 

Press Ganey

Press Ganey is an international company which uses advanced analytics to measure every dimension of the patient’s experience. Every year UnitingCare Health Hospital’s survey a diverse sample of patients using Press Ganey. The results assist each hospital department to understand the areas where they are performing, and the areas which need improvement. The results are nationally benchmarked with hospitals of a similar size. 

Patient Experience Trackers (PETs)

A patient experience tracker is a mobile tablet device, which presents patients with five short questions regarding their experienceThese devices are used consistently to obtain real time feedback from our patients on a range of important experiences. Weekly and monthly reports enable us to be responsive to emerging trends and to recognise staff and departments who consistently exceed patient’s expectations and deliver an excellent patient experience. 

Focus Groups

Focus groups are conducted to further develop a deep understanding of the patient’s view of their experiences. Former patients and their carers are invited to share their experiences and how these experiences have impacted them. 


As part of the Living Values program, clinical leaders ‘round’ on patients. Rounding is a focused conversation between staff and patients, used to determine what we are doing well and what we could improve. It provides patients with the opportunity to nominate any staff members who have been outstanding in their care experience, so that they may be formally recognised by their peers and leaders of the organisation.

Within each of the UnitingCare Health Hospitals governance systems, there are established forums for consumer participation and engagement. These include focus groups and community representation on hospital committees. We use this valuable information to assist us to plan for the future, design our services and also improve our care delivery processes.

UnitingCare Health values consumer participation and patient representatives to provide us with leadership and advice on our care and services, a review process for patient information and design of our service.

Each facility has a number of ways that consumers can become involved. To obtain further information, please contact each hospital directly.

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