Your Stay

Clinical handover

When in hospital, you will often notice nurses and other staff discussing your care. This is known as clinical handover.

What is clinical handover?

Clinical handover allows the nurses to discuss your care, to ensure it continues as planned. These discussions can include doctors and other health professionals.

What happens during clinical handover?

During clinical handover, you will be introduced to the nurse coming on duty for the next shift. Information which may be shared includes:

  • Your identification.
  • Medical history.
  • Current clinical condition.
  • Tests and procedures that are scheduled.
  • Need for assistance with everyday tasks such as showering; toileting; walking.
  • Plans for your discharge, even if it is a few days away.

Why is the patient’s involvement important?

You have a right to be involved in the clinical handover. Patients who are involved in their own care are more likely to have better health outcomes.

If you prefer, you can ask a friend or family member to advocate on your behalf to ensure you have the necessary information to make informed decisions and choices about your care.

For any questions or concerns, please speak with your nurse.


During your stay with us, you’ll have access to read the latest news through our complimentary newspaper subscription, offering you access to all News Corp digital newspaper sites via your own device while connected to our Guest WiFi. You’ll be provided with more information about how to access the subscription on admission.

Reading materials including newspapers and magazines can also be purchased from the Hospital Auxiliary shop or their trolley throughout the day from Monday to Friday and Saturday mornings. Little Birdee Café offers newspapers for sale daily.

Pastoral Care and Chaplaincy

As a Uniting Church hospital, St Andrew’s highly values the emotional and spiritual support of all those who are admitted to hospital. This support is offered to patients by skilled professional Pastoral Care workers, in line with the mission, vision and values of the hospital.

The Pastoral Care team is comprised of Uniting Church and Catholic chaplains, assisted by visiting chaplains of various denominations and faith traditions.

Chaplains are dedicated to making your stay here as peaceful and as positive as it can be. Chaplains listen and support you in times of need and can attend family conferences and offer practical assistance when needed. They can offer support in whatever way will make time spent in hospital less stressful and more comfortable.

A chaplain is available for social, emotional and spiritual support for patients, their relatives and carers.

Patients and visitors are welcome to visit the hospital's chapel at any time of the day or night. The chapel is offered as a quiet, reflective space for all patients, families, and staff. A pastoral care television channel 116 operates 24/7, with relaxation music, hymns and scenery. Our weekly chapel service is also broadcast each Wednesday at 11am on channel 116 from the chapel. 

If you would like to see a member of the Pastoral Care team, or would like to receive Sacraments, please ask one of the nurses to page Pastoral Care and they will arrange a visit as soon as possible.


Slade Pharmacy on Level 3 offers a range of professional services to inpatients and visitors at St Andrew’s War Memorial Hospital.

Visit our Pharmacy page to learn more.

Internet access 

WiFi is available throughout the hospital. To use the hospital WiFi, log in as UCH_Guest on your electronic device.