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Dr Gautam Ramnath  MBBS, FRACP

Dr Gautam Ramnath MBBS, FRACP

SPECIALTY AREA Gastroenterology
ADDRESS St Andrew’s Sessional Suites 6.5
457 Wickham Terrace
Spring Hill QLD 4000

Located on St Andrews War Memorial Hospital Campus

Dr Gautam Ramnath is a gastroenterologist specialising in gastroenterology and hepatology and has been practicing at St Andrew’s since 2007. Dr Ramnath also has a special interest in management of acute bleeding and anaemia, complex presentations, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, endoscopy and colonoscopy and liver disease.

Dr Ramnath completed his undergraduate training at the University of Queensland followed by a year in Darwin. He then spent ten years of post graduate training in gastroenterology and with the Liver Transplant team at Flinders Medical Centre, South Australia.

He is a Fellow of the Royal Australian College of Physicians and the Gastroenterology Society of Australia. He also holds the position of Director of Endoscopic Services/Gastroenterology at St Andrew’s.