St Andrew’s graduates celebrate first year on the wards


After completing nursing studies and joining the health industry during the COVID-19 pandemic, this month 15 graduate registered nurses celebrated the end of their first year of nursing at St Andrew’s. Virtual Graduation

The group who commenced the St Andrew’s Graduate Nurse Program in February 2021 were recognised in true pandemic-style with a virtual graduation ceremony.

 One of those nurses is Liam, who joined the profession after being inspired throughout his childhood by his mother.

“Growing up with a registered nurse as my mother, she would often come home and tell me stories that would later inspire me to pursue my passion in nursing,” Liam said.

“I find pleasure in helping people, especially during their hospital stay, when they are often at their most vulnerable.”

Like so many, Liam and his colleagues joined the industry during a time of significant challenges and unknowns presented by the pandemic.

“There was always a level of anxiety associated with working in healthcare during the pandemic, but once I got to work I felt confident with the support of my colleagues,”
Liam said. Graduate Nurse Liam

“Right throughout, I feel I’ve been able to safely fulfil my role as a registered nurse and make the most of my graduate year.”

For Liam, his first year on the wards has involved specialising his nursing skills in cardiothoracic, vascular and ophthalmology care, and more recently he’s been preparing to care for any patients diagnosed with COVID-19.

“I’ve had the opportunity to learn many clinical skills based around the care of patients who have had heart or lung surgery. I’ve also been fortunate enough to have completed additional study,” he said.

In the future, Liam hopes of becoming a manager and mentor, but right now has some great advice for the next cohort of graduate registered nurses.

“The most important piece of advice I would give to the next group of graduates is that you should never be afraid to ask for help. It can also be difficult to adjust to shift work; eat well, get plenty of rest and make sure you have good light blocking curtains!”

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