Meet Luke


On Thursday 3 April 1997, Luke joined St Andrew’s War Memorial Hospital as a volunteer in the Ladies Auxiliary coffee shop – every Thursday, until Thursday 19 August 1999. In a slight crossover, Luke took a full-time position as a mail clerk on Monday 9 August 1999.

Why the dates? Luke has an incredible memory.

For the past 22 years, Luke has been part of the St Andrew’s family – and his unique ability to remember dates is just part of his autism superpower. He also knows everything about world cricket and music, specifically early rock and roll music.

On Tuesday 13 May 2008, Luke was a guest at Government House celebrating St Andrew’s 50th anniversary.

On Friday 7 May 2010, the official opening of the hospital’s Main Entrance redevelopment was held and Luke had his photo taken with The Honourable Dame Quentin Bryce AD CVO.

Along with significant dates, Luke also remembers people’s birthdays and writes them a birthday card. Part of his message includes the names of famous musicians who share the same birthday as well as other trivia.

“I think I’ve probably written more than 1,000 cards and added the famous musician’s birthday’s too,” Luke said.

“I write about 5 to 10 cards a week.”

This staggering number of birthday cards reflects the numerous interactions Luke has with everyone across the campus.

“I deliver mail to the towers, to the doctor’s rooms, everywhere really,” Luke said.

“I’m so grateful to be here. I really like meeting people and talking to them.

“I just love my job. I look forward to keep on working here,” he said.

His manager, Patient Administration Manager Lyn Greener, has worked with Luke since Friday 7 February 2003.

“Luke is a household name across the campus,” Lyn said.

“It’s not uncommon to see staff, volunteers and specialists stopping for a quick chat.

“Luke is a delight – he draws people to him and we’re lucky to have his company,” Lyn said.

His love of music extends to his love of dancing.

“When we’ve had social events over the years, Luke is one of the first people on the dance floor,” she said.

“Luke takes great pride in his work and he has received such respect for the work he does.

“But best of all, the information he knows is just amazing and people are blown away by what he can remember,” she said.