Emergency doc tackles injuries at A-League matches


Dr Peter Forgiarini has an enviable vantage point at Brisbane Roar's home games, but he is not pitchside to enjoy the action.

St Andrew's emergency doctor Peter Forgiarini with Roar players Jack Hingert (in black) and Devante Clut (in white).Instead, the St Andrew's War Memorial Hospital emergency doctor is there to help keep the players and officials safe in the event of a serious injury or medical event.

Dr Forgiarini is the emergency and resuscitation doctor at the Roar's Suncorp Stadium games. He is available to treat all players and officials.

His role came about from a partnership between the Roar and Spring Hill's St Andrew's War Memorial Hospital.

Dr Forgiarini says being involved in the medical support of these A-League matches for the 2015-16 season has been rewarding.

"As an emergency and resuscitation doctor at Roar's home games, I am present on the sideline with a defibrillator, airway kit, intravenous (IV) access kit and emergency drugs,"  Dr Forgiarini said.

"I am available to immediately attend to any  player or official who, for example, collapses in cardiorespiratory arrest. “

"In these situations early defibrillation is often key."

Dr Forgiarini also has the responsibility of responding to instances of unconscious head injuries.

"In football, it is common for several players to attempt to head the ball simultaneously, which often leads to head knocks. Any unconscious player would require immediate airway management," he said.

"Fortunately, no injuries requiring resuscitation have occurred this season."

In addition to Dr Forgiarini, sports doctors, sports physiotherapists and paramedics are also present pitchside.

"In general, the most common injuries that occur in football are muscle strains and tears and contact injuries that lead to bruises, contusions and lacerations," he said.

"Minor head knocks are also common but these are the domain of the sports doctor who is afforded three minutes of on-field time to assess for symptoms and signs of concussion," he said.

This season, Roar players requiring medical attention and assessment have been treated and cared for by St Andrew's Emergency Centre as part of the Centre's sports injury service.

If you are injured playing or training for a recognised sporting organisation or school, and present to the St Andrew's Emergency Centre you too will be eligible for the reduced out-of-pocket consultation fee of $75 (excludes pathology, radiology and pharmacy products.)

The hospital's emergency centre has low wait times and is available for adults and children, 24 hours a day, seven days a week to help you get back to playing the sport you love as soon as possible.

Learn more about our sport injury service at http://standrewshospital.com.au/