Volunteer Week - profiling Andrew Morton


Andrew Morton
Age: 21 years old/ second year medical student at The University of Queensland

Commencement: September 2013

Travels from: Ascot

I work in Surgical Admissions Lounge (SAL) from 6am to 8.30am each Wednesday before I go to lectures.

I check patients’ charts on arrival in SAL and hand out nursing histories for completion, then arrange charts for the admitting nurses in theatre list order.

I’m available to answer questions from patients and relatives and run general errands. In the past I’ve also visited patients in the wards doing Patient Experience Trackers (PETs) surveys.

It’s interesting to look at the hospital experience from the viewpoint of the patient.
I wanted to volunteer so I could get better acquainted with the hospital environment. I’ve been lucky enough to meet some surgeons and have had the privilege to observe some major surgeries first hand – opportunities for which I’m very grateful.

The volunteer team here is so welcoming and supportive – that’s just one of the things that has kept me coming back.