St Andrew’s orderly to shine in the finals of Australia’s Got Talent

Photo of the equals  Other dance members include architecture student Sam (21), education student AB (23), Movie World performer Ben (23), and dance teacher Jack (19).

St Andrew’s War Memorial Hospital’s orderly Alex Morris has been wowing audiences on Network Nine's Australia’s Got Talent as a member of his dance crew the Equals.

Alex from Annerley and the Equals will be pulling out all stops to win the $250,000 prize on the show’s grand finale this Thursday.

Alex, 22, works morning or day shifts four days a week at St Andrew’s and trains in dancing most nights for two-and-a-half-hours.

He says he can often be seen entertaining the hospital’s patients especially the children.

“I love to dance down the hallways (of the hospital) to make the little kids laugh,” Alex said.

With 10 years of dancing under his belt and gymnastic training from the age of four, Alex hopes he and his dance crew have what it takes to win the grand final.

Comprised of five members, Equals is a high energy and intense dance crew whose performances convey a message of being equal.

“The name Equals represents who we are, a diverse bunch,” Alex said.
The group have been together for just three months and formed especially for Australia’s Got Talent.

They have been touted as Queensland's best chance on the show.